Have a Ball with the Vols this Winter!

The leaves are changing and the temperature is dropping which can only mean one thing: it’s basketball time in Tennessee! Take a short trip to Thompson-Boling Arena in Knoxville, Tennessee to watch your Tennessee Vols and Lady Vols basketball teams compete in the 2018-2019 season.

Before you head out to the game make sure to stop by Northshore Brasserie in Tellico Village for a pregame meal! Try our famous Brasserie Cheeseburger with some of our Pommes Frites. If you want to start the night with some fresh seafood, we also have a variety of king crab, oysters, and mussels.

Want to avoid traffic and watch the game on TV? Join us at Northshore Brasserie for a viewing party! We have a full-service bar with a great bartender. Avoid the traffic and crowds and come celebrate a Volunteer win! If you are coming in from out of town we are only minutes from the Knoxville McGee-Tyson Airport and one of the best local French restaurants!

Ready for gameday at Northshore Brasserie? Check out the Vols and Lady Vols home schedules below:

Tennessee Vols Home Basketball Schedule 2018-2019






















Tennessee Lady Vols Home Basketball Schedule 2018-2019














JAN 27 (SUN) 1:00 P.M. VS LSU







It’s Football Time….at the Brasserie!

It’s that time of year we’ve all been waiting for… FOOTBALL TIME IN TENNESSEE! The season for tailgating, orange apparel and a season filled with highs and lows (preferably just highs).

To attend a game is the best way to watch the game but the second-best way to watch a game is at your favorite local venue! Forget the hot weather, sun kissed potluck snack and stand still traffic!

Join us here at Northshore Brasserie and watch the game in the comfort of our venue which enjoying freshly prepared meals, a full-service bar (and super cool bartender who promises to provide great commentary and service), and a traffic and sweat free seat to the game you’ve been searching for!

Coming in from out of town to enjoy the game? Join us for brunch before a late game or try some of our French and Belgian themed entrees for dinner! Flying in for the game? We are only minutes from the Knoxville Airport and a perfect location for a quick meal with a grand pallet!

Need a reminder of the UT Football Schedule?

Saturday,Sep. 1 - vs West Virginia Mountaineers Bank of America Stadium, Charlotte, NC

Saturday, Sep. 8 - ETSU Buccaneers Neyland Stadium, Knoxville, TN

Saturday, Sep. 15 - UTEP Miners Neyland Stadium, Knoxville, TN

Saturday, Sep. 22 - Florida Gators Neyland Stadium, Knoxville, TN

Saturday, Sep. 29 - at Georgia Bulldogs Sanford Stadium, Athens, GA

Saturday, Oct. 6 - OFF

Saturday, Oct. 13 - at Auburn Tigers Jordan-Hare Stadium, Auburn, AL

Saturday, Oct. 20 - Alabama Crimson Tide Neyland Stadium, Knoxville, TN

Saturday, Oct. 27 - at South Carolina Gamecocks Williams-Brice Stadium, Columbia, SC

Saturday, Nov. 3 - Charlotte 49ers Neyland Stadium, Knoxville, TN

Saturday, Nov. 10 - Kentucky Wildcats Neyland Stadium, Knoxville, TN

Saturday, Nov. 17 - Missouri Tigers Neyland Stadium, Knoxville, TN

Saturday, Nov. 24 - at Vanderbilt Commodores Vanderbilt Stadium, Nashville, TN



Lake Life Friendly

Summer is coming to a close and kids are making their way back to school as parents look forward to a more routine lifestyle up ahead.

While the kids may be in school during the work week, weekends are still filled with good weather and fun activities. Many Knoxville locals, and tourists, often find themselves on the boat or by the lake. With Concord only minutes away from our location, we are a prime dining destination for you and your family to enjoy during a lake break or after a day of boating.

Turkey Creek is close by, but you’ll spend more time waiting in traffic than you will enjoying the company and entrée. Lakeside Tavern is also nearby but can be a little too formal for the casual off the lake dining crowd.

What’s left in the area? US! Here at Northshore Brasserie we have both a casual atmosphere that is friendly to our fellow lake-goers while also having food selections that are fresh and filling. Join us on a weekday and enjoy fresh chef specials that are sure to get you in the door! Mondays offer ½ price on select beers, Tuesdays are ½ priced on select wines, and Wednesdays are $1 oysters!

Enjoy a day at the dog park, on the lake or at the docks followed by letting our culinary team bring a little French and Belgian flavor to your day! Summer may be ending, but your options for delightful dining selections and a family-friendly environment has not! Come by and enjoy our restaurant today!



The Best Things in Life are Frites!

Although we are well known for our upscale dining atmosphere, our fantastic daily lunch buffets, and our convenient location just minutes from Knoxville's Tyson McGhee Airport, we are perhaps best known for our French classics and family favorites; thus, our frites!

When you think of French food what do you think of? Baguettes, soufflé, and crepes? For our regulars here at Northshore Brasserie, when they think of French food they think of our infamous steak frites.

Not familiar with steak-frites? We’re more than happy to share our knowledge on one of our most popular side items! Steak-frites translates to “steak (and) fries” in French and a very popular dish served in brasseries through Europe. By many, they are considered a national dish of both Belgium and France.

Our frites are most commonly paired with our Butcher Steak, NY Strip or Filet – just to name a few! If our steak frites alone don’t boost your pallet then our selection of dips will be sure to do the trick. Pair your steak frites with our honey mustard, remoulade, parmesan mayo, rosemary garlic mayo, or curry ketchup and enjoy a wide range of flavors!

Join us for a quick meal at the bar, a casual night out with family, or as your choice lunch venue with a client. Wanting to join us on a weekday? We have great specials that are sure to get you in the door! Mondays offer ½ price on select beers, Tuesdays offer ½ price deals on select wines, and Wednesdays are $1 oysters! No matter what your dining needs, we are sure to have something for everyone in the family!



Trendy Meets Tasty

Here at Northshore Brasserie we take great pride in three things: our French and Belgian cuisine, delicious weekly specials and, of course, our fine dining atmosphere.

Being locally owned and operated, we not only like to support our local farmers by using their produce, but we also like to support local artists! Thus, we invited local artist Emily Key to bring some artistic perspective into our space. Keeping with our farm to table and mission of supporting local, Emily created a chalk wall for us!

Not only did we add a chalk wall to our aesthetic appeal, we have also done other renovations such as, adding new tables, blinds and more! Here at the Northshore Brasserie we strive to always keep both our menu and dining atmosphere trendy and inviting.

We take great pride in being rated one of Knoxville’s best restaurants. Our culinary and service team, upscale dining cuisine and value in our local community sets us apart from the rest. We invite you to join us on Tuesdays for ½ priced wine, Wednesdays for $1 oysters and weekdays for our one-of-a-kind lunch buffet. Not to mention, be one of the firsts to see our new chalk wall!




Close to the Lake!

With our Tennessee afternoons clearing 80 degrees in temperature, many find themselves drawn to refreshing water sources. Whether you are a boat owner, parents attempting to entertain your children, or just a lover of the water - being in close proximity to a lake is always a grand idea.

For many located between Knoxville and Maryville, TN – that water source is most commonly Fort Loudon Lake. Just a few miles from us is Concord Marina, the hub of most lake-goers and boats in the area. Although we are not accessible by water, we are only a few miles from the marina. Our cold local beer selections, in addition to our well-priced lunch buffet, are just a few of the reasons why Northshore Brasserie should be your dining venue of choice either before or after a long day on the lake.

Have the kids with you?  Our relaxed yet upscale dining atmosphere is kid approved! Want to keep enjoying the sun? Our outdoor patio is the perfect place to enjoy some French and Belgian entrees while still enjoying the good weather!

Wanting to join us on a weekday? We have great specials that are sure to get you in the door! Mondays offers ½ price on select beers, Tuesdays is ½ priced on select wines, and Wednesdays is $1 oysters!

No matter if you are enjoying a weekend out on the lake with friends and family or a weekday where you have to wine and dine a client, we here at the Northshore Brasserie are sure to have just the entrée and environment for you!




What Spring Means To Us 

Spring is always a season commonly associated with new growth and a fresh start. Here at Northshore Brasserie – we too are embracing the season! Our menu is always changing and evolving, but Spring has an ingredient unlike any other – fresh local produce!

With our local suppliers getting back into full gear, fresh produce fills our kitchen – and your spring cravings! Our chefs take this fresh produce supply as a time to try new combinations, explore new flavors and get creative with their culinary creations; thus, the Spring Menu is born!

It’s still a little early in the season for us to release what our chefs have in mind, but if you make sure to stop by and join us for lunch – you are sure to get a hint of what new fresh ingredients have sparked our culinary team’s interest!

In addition to fresh local produce and a new spring flavor in our menu – we also are preparing for our infamous Mother’s Day Brunch! It’s time to show that nurturing woman in your life just how much they mean to you. And as many in the South would say – “the way to a woman’s heart is her stomach!” If this serves to be true, we highly recommend you bring your loved ones to join us for our Mother’s Day Brunch. Their hearts, and stomach, are sure to be full! 

Join us as we spring into a new season. Whether you are looking for fine dining at Northshore, have a craving for French or Belgian food, or simply want to grab brunch with clients in an upscale dining venue– Northshore Brasserie is sure to meet all your needs!



Valentine’s Day Night Out

It’s that time of year again! The time of year when you stop the hustle and bustle of your daily routine to stop and make sure your significant other knows just how much they mean to you. In other words: Valentine’s Day! 

When thinking of fine dining establishments in the area, most strive for their venue of choice to not only have an upscale dining atmosphere with good wine and food selections, but also be reasonably priced. Located conveniently between both Knoxville and Maryville, our restaurant is sure to be the perfect venue to meet all your Valentine’s Day desires. In addition to having our regular menu filled with an abundance of decadence Belgian and French entrees, we will also have a Chef Preview Menu available! 

Our Valentine’s Day Chef Preview Menu will feature both a beef and seafood specials. Ask your server what wine selection you think would pair best and enjoy! In addition to our chef’s holiday creations, we will also be featuring a complimentary photo booth! Before or after dining, we highly suggest taking a moment to get a snapshot of you and your significant other on this special day.  

 We welcome you to come join us this Valentine’s Day! With a regular menu that covers the best food in Knoxville, TN and a Chef Preview Menu to back, we are sure you and your significant other will find the perfect entrée to match a perfect Valentine’s Day!



New Year, New Pairings

Properly pairing your entrée with a glass of red or white wine can take your average meal and turn it into a culinary sensation! While red wine with red meat is a great general rule to follow, here at the Northshore Brasserie we know how overwhelming it can be to narrow down what wine should go with what entree. Below is just a few of our most popular entrée selections and the complimentary wine pairing we recommend!

Chicken - For most poultry dishes, the sauce and herbal flavorings tend to dictate what wine selection would pair best; however, white wine or a dry rosé are good “go to” options.

Lamb Shank – Lamb shank is a great meat selection when you want a robust meal with an abundance of flavor. We recommend pairing your lamb with a full bodied Cabernet Sauvignon or a Spanish Rioja red.

Steak – We have a wide assortment of steaks that vary throughout the year. Should you select a steak entrée, it is always safe to stick with a red wine pairing. The seasoning used will determine which red wine, but you can't go wrong with a good red Bordeaux, a California or Australian Cabernet Sauvignon, a Washington state Merlot, an Argentine Malbec or a Spanish Rioja.

Duck – Pair your wild duck with a Syrah from the Rhône in France, a California Rhone or consider a Washington state Merlot.

Should meat selections not be your first preference, we also have a wide variety of seafood selections such as salmon or trout. As with red meat, fish pairings are also an art.

Salmon – Salmon is much lighter than most red meats, yet heavier than most white fish varieties. With that being said, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Riesling, Pinot Grigio, and Sauvignon Blanc are the top five complimentary wine selections we would recommend to go with this entrée.

Trout – Trout is a medium textured fish. This means that while it is still flaky, it is a firmer and thicker fish. Look for medium bodied whites with high aromatics and rich full-bodied whites aged in oak such as, a Dry Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, or Fiano from Italy!

Just like a good wine pairing can complement your entrée, we want our fine dining to compliment your new year!  Pairing tips such as these will allow you to take your upscale dining with us to a whole new level. Whether you are looking to impress your date with your pairing knowledge or hope to join us for a work brunch to impress your newest client, we hope this pairing recommendations guide you into a happy new year!



Fresh Fish Specials!

Hump day is Wednesday or the “hump” of the week. This phrase comes from the concept that after Wednesdays, your work week is all downhill from there. You’ve climbed the mountain on Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday is the mark of your week winding down into the weekend.

Wednesdays also mark a special occasion here at the Brasserie as well! Wednesday are our Dollar Oysters Special!

For foodies in the Knoxville area who enjoy fresh oysters, finding a venue you trust can be intimidating. There is also the concern of food-borne illnesses that can result in consuming raw fish. At the Brasserie, our oysters are not only fresh, but, as an upscale dining venue, we ensure our oysters are also well prepared.

Did you know that eating oysters also has health benefits? Yes! Oysters are high in protein, calcium, potassium, magnesium and vitamin b-12, as well as zinc and iron.

Although our entrees are more commonly associated with French or Belgian cuisine, we also take great pride in our wide variety of fresh seafood options and great weekly specials! If you are looking for a fine dining venue that also has reasonable specials, we highly recommend you join us for our Dollar Oyster Special on Wednesdays! Nothing like a good deal and some fresh seafood to ensure both your wallet and pallet are ready to take on the rest of your work week!



Holiday Business Meetings


The holiday season is a time to gather with friends and family for camaraderie and seasonal dishes. For business professionals, the holiday season can be a time to merge professionalism with appreciation. An approaching season of coworker Christmas parties and building client relationships.

If you are looking for a good venue to host client meetings, office gatherings or even just a place to bring your friends and family for a special treat, the Northshore Brasserie is just the venue for you.

Location, location, location! Finding a venue that isn’t out of your way, or out of your guest’s way, is not always easy. The Brasserie is centrally located near Farragut, Knoxville, Maryville and only a short distance from McGhee Tyson Airport. Our location is sure to be convenient for all invited parties.

Our daily lunch buffet is an ideal way to ensure your client can indulge in new culinary creations while also ensuring a professional formal dining atmosphere. Our venue is spacious enough for larger gatherings, thus, we welcome and encourage parties of all sizes. 

With culinary creations ranging from French and Belgian style entree selections to our infamous soups and fall menu selections, we are sure to be your favorite holiday "go-to" spot! Join us to add a touch of generosity and holiday spirit to your coworker and client relations this holiday season!



Soup, there it is!

White is beginning to form on the tips of the mountains and fires are starting to warm houses as we prep for a cold winter here in Knoxville, TN. The leaves have turned shades and are making their way to the ground as everyone puts away their summer dresses and breaks out their scarves and mittens. 

Here at Northshore Brasserie we keep our restaurant warm and our food hot. We invite you to come in from the cold and warm up with our famous steak frites or a warm bowl of one of our featured soups. Soups are a staple here, which is why you'll always find a chef inspired soup included in our lunch buffet. 

Like most of our food selections, our soups are chef inspired and are always changing. From loaded potato soup to our broth based stews, our soup selections are sure to warm you up while still having an abundance of flavor. One most popular soup selection is our tomato bisque. Pair it with one of our light lunch sandwich options or as a starter to one of our more heartier meat entrees. Featured fall soups are always a hit, from French onion soup to sweet potato bisque, our chefs are always working on providing you with your favorite soups with a splash of culinary creativity!  

Whether you are traveling for work and need a quick but quality place to enjoy a bite to eat or if you are searching for a menu with a flavor for French and Belgian cuisine, we are sure to have the perfect item to hit the spot. We invite you to take off your gloves and settle down with us for a warm soup that is sure to comfort you during this East Tennessee winter!



Local Farm to Table Menu Selections 

Northshore fine dining meets farm fresh when you dine at this local hotspot! No matter if you are craving French favorites like steak frites, rack of lamb, or fresh seafood, we are sure to have a meal that hits the spot! In addition to having healthy food selections and the best brunch in Knoxville, we also take great pride in supporting our local farmers! Farm to Table is a growing demand in today’s society, but local farm to table takes our menu to a whole new quality of cuisine.

This Knoxville brunch hotspot is proud to work with local farmers such as: 

Hines Valley Farms – Hines Valley Farms is USDA organic farm located near Lenoir City. Owner John Ledbetter takes great pride in this farm’s USDA certification, ensuring that all of his produce is free of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides.

Spencer Mountain Mennonite Farms – This farm is one of the largest local producers in the area. Known for their wide variety of vegetables, this farm ensures that all of their vegetable selections are garden fresh!

Circle V Poultry – Circle V Poultry is where we buy our eggs, a huge ingredient in the preparation of any meal. This local poultry farm raises pasteurized chickens and ensures their eggs are collected and packaged fresh from the hen house.

These are just a few of the local farmers we support. It is through our strong ties and support of our farming community that we can truly keep our menu and ingredients farm fresh. Even if you stop by for our quick lunch buffet, you are still guaranteed farm fresh quality in every bite. Dine with us, and support local farmers!



Fine Dining Takes on Fish Friday

Although we are known for our upscale cuisine and fine dining, we also pride ourselves on making mundane weekdays have a splash – a splash of flavor that is!

When most people think of “Fish Friday” they think about their neighbor’s occasional crawfish boil or their hometown restaurant’s fried catfish special. On the contrary, our chefs take great culinary pride in our featured fish selections that takes Fish Friday to a five-star level.

Our Fish Friday’s are perfect for those looking for a Knoxville upscale dining establishment or simply grabbing a delicious bite before heading to Tyson Mcghee Airport (located only nine miles away). Our chefs pride themselves on using fresh and local ingredients to prepare an always-changing Friday Fish Feature.

In the past, we have had entrees such as lobster, whole snapper, swordfish, black bass, scallops and bass. As for the details of these tasty fish selections, that all just depends on what culinary genius our chefs create that week!

If you don’t prefer our Fish Friday selection, we also have a great lunch buffet that merges upscale dining with the efficiency of a 30 minute in-and-out lunch option. Our all you can eat lunch buffet is only $9.99 (including a beverage) and a featured seafood option.  If neither of these options tickle your fancy, our French and Belgian food selections are sure to capture your eye! 



The Best Lunch is an Endless One

Are you looking for a place to host a reasonably priced client lunch? Or, just a go-to place to grab a bite to eat?  Northshore Brasserie is not only conveniently located off Pelissippi Parkway, but is also a local favorite widely renowned for our affordable and appetizing lunch buffet. At only $10.95 (yes, including your drink) Monday through Friday, you can enjoy our fresh and limitless buffet that varies daily. You also have the selection to either enjoy your lunch inside in our business casual environment, or in the shade on our outside dining patio.

Our daily poached fish, quiche, chilled salads and soup serve as an ever-changing surprise from the chefs. Meanwhile our grilled chicken, chocolate chip cookies, fresh fruit, salad bar and limitless bread and butter are the constants that allow you to always have your staple, "go-to" lunch options.

Whether you try the same thing every time, or make a habit of sampling the featured selection of the day on each visit, you're sure to find something to love when you visit Northshore Brasserie for lunch. The best part about the whole buffet is you can go back as many times as you wish. This chef inspired lunch buffet is a Knoxville must, and so is our creamy parmesian dressing!



Brasserie named one of "Five Great Restaurants for Romantic Dining"

In a recent article from the Knoxville News Sentinel, Northshore Brasserie is proud to have been named one of their five great restaurants for romantic dining.

The News Sentinel suggests that "a good bet would be to try some French favorites like the onion soup gratinee, iron skillet escargot or pomme frites, and entrees including duck confit, bouillabaisse, rabbit, lamb shank, and roasted half chicken."  What can we say other than "we agree!"  Try them all! 

The Sentinel was also keen to mention the Brasserie's famous Cheeseburger (served with pommes frites of course) and while we aren't sure how romantic sharing a cheeseburger is, we would suggest that there's really only one way to find out. 

You can read the full article at the Knoxville News Sentinel website here:



A New Schedule for the New Year

Sunday afternoons are the perfect time to relax. After a long week, it’s nice to treat yourself to a restful nap, a few hours of watching sports, or some extra quality time with your family. And when the afternoon starts winding down, there’s no need to worry about dinner, not if you make plans to eat at The Northshore Brasserie. You’ll have all the extra time you need to run errands and get ready for the busy week ahead of you, by letting us do the cooking for you!

We are purveyors of fine French cuisine, and our hearty, delicious food is available for lunch and dinner six days a week. And now we’re pleased to announce that we’ll be open on Sunday evenings in the New Year! Starting January 3rd, we’ll be open every Sunday from 4-9, with seats in the bar available at 3. Please note that with our new hours, we’ll no longer be serving Sunday Brunch. But don’t forget that you can call anytime during business hours and order anything from our entire menu, to-go!

Our regular Mon-Sat. hours are still 11-3 for lunch; and 3-10 for dinner. Come experience chef inspired dishes in a relaxed, yet elegant atmosphere, close to Knoxville's Tyson McGhee Airport.



Northshore Brasserie: A Traveling Employees Ideal Food Destination


Here you are again, on a commercial plane flying to your newly assigned work destination. While the plane is taxiing to the gate, you turn on your iPhone and begin searching Google Maps for a place to grab some food before the work agenda begins. (Nothing less than four stars because this is 100% going down as a travel expense!)

While exiting Tyson McGhee Airport, you find your food destination. Rated one of the best restaurants in the area, and a menu filled to the brim with French cuisine – nothing could suit this day better.

Getting in your Uber, you tell the driver your dining destination. On the ride, he mentions that he too considers this location to be one of the nice restaurants in the area. After a brief ride with some good southern conversation, the driver briefly yells as you exit the car, “Don’t forget to try their lunch buffet! Their salad dressing is life!” Chuckling to yourself, you make your way towards the door – excited for a satisfying meal that is sure to get this work trip off to the right start. From experience, you know nothing is worse than meeting clients with a grumbling stomach.

Traveling for work can be seen as a detriment, but it could also be a culinary experience. Stop fretting about being away from home and take a bite out of something new!



Want to Cook Like the French?

These days you don’t have to travel to France, or even Canada, in order to learn how to cook French cuisine. Thanks to popular TV cooking shows, like French Food at Home, and The French Chef, starring the late Julia Child, you can attempt to create your own French feast from the comfort of your own kitchen. There are also numerous websites filled with famous French recipes that you can try to replicate at home. From Beef Bourguignon to Crème Brûlée, you can find nearly every delicious French dish you’ve ever heard of, simply by searching the internet.

Of course there will still be times when you’d rather let someone else do the cooking, and on those occasions, you’ll want to come eat with us at The Northshore Brasserie. We are purveyors of fine French cuisine, and our hearty, delicious food is available for lunch and dinner six days a week, as well as brunch on Sundays. Come experience chef inspired dishes in a relaxed, yet elegant atmosphere, close to the Knoxville airport—and let our sophisticated fare inspire you to go home and try more French cooking. Au revoir!



You gotta try our Hors D'oeuvres

At Northshore Brasserie, we're well known for our classic French brasserie fare such as Steak Frites or our amazing duck, lamb, and seafood based dishes. But many people don't know that we have some incredible hors d'oeuvres as well.  You may call them starters or appetizers... we don't mind, just give them a shot. 

For starters... there's our French Onion Soup (we call it Onion Soup Gratinee) and it is... well, amazing.  Rich, hearty, bold, and flavorful.  We also feature a couple of small plate salads that are a perfect start to your meal (a spinach salad and also our famous Brasserie salad).

If you're looking for something a little more substantial than a salad, you may want to try our Iron Skillet Escargots, our Calamari Steak, or our Fried Oysters.

We also feature a Charcuterie Plate perfect for sharing with the whole table.

On your next visit, why not start your meal with some of Knoxville's best appetizers / starters / hors d'oeuvres. Call them whatever you like... we just call them GOOD!