Hump day is Wednesday or the “hump” of the week. This phrase comes from the concept that after Wednesdays, your work week is all downhill from there. You’ve climbed the mountain on Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday is the mark of your week winding down into the weekend.

Wednesdays also mark a special occasion here at the Brasserie as well! Wednesday are our Dollar Oysters Special!

For foodies in the Knoxville area who enjoy fresh oysters, finding a venue you trust can be intimidating. There is also the concern of food-borne illnesses that can result in consuming raw fish. At the Brasserie, our oysters are not only fresh, but, as an upscale dining venue, we ensure our oysters are also well prepared.

Did you know that eating oysters also has health benefits? Yes! Oysters are high in protein, calcium, potassium, magnesium and vitamin b-12, as well as zinc and iron.

Although our entrees are more commonly associated with French or Belgian cuisine, we also take great pride in our wide variety of fresh seafood options and great weekly specials! If you are looking for a fine dining venue that also has reasonable specials, we highly recommend you join us for our Dollar Oyster Special on Wednesdays! Nothing like a good deal and some fresh seafood to ensure both your wallet and pallet are ready to take on the rest of your work week!