Here you are again, on a commercial plane flying to your newly assigned work destination. While the plane is taxiing to the gate, you turn on your iPhone and begin searching Google Maps for a place to grab some food before the work agenda begins. (Nothing less than four stars because this is 100% going down as a travel expense!)

While exiting Tyson McGhee Airport, you find your food destination. Rated one of the best restaurants in the area, and a menu filled to the brim with French cuisine – nothing could suit this day better.

Getting in your Uber, you tell the driver your dining destination. On the ride, he mentions that he too considers this location to be one of the nice restaurants in the area. After a brief ride with some good southern conversation, the driver briefly yells as you exit the car, “Don’t forget to try their lunch buffet! Their salad dressing is life!” Chuckling to yourself, you make your way towards the door – excited for a satisfying meal that is sure to get this work trip off to the right start. From experience, you know nothing is worse than meeting clients with a grumbling stomach.

Traveling for work can be seen as a detriment, but it could also be a culinary experience. Stop fretting about being away from home and take a bite out of something new!