Northshore fine dining meets farm fresh when you dine at this local hotspot! No matter if you are craving French favorites like steak frites, rack of lamb, or fresh seafood, we are sure to have a meal that hits the spot! In addition to having healthy food selections and the best brunch in Knoxville, we also take great pride in supporting our local farmers! Farm to Table is a growing demand in today’s society, but local farm to table takes our menu to a whole new quality of cuisine.

This Knoxville brunch hotspot is proud to work with local farmers such as: 

Hines Valley Farms – Hines Valley Farms is USDA organic farm located near Lenoir City. Owner John Ledbetter takes great pride in this farm’s USDA certification, ensuring that all of his produce is free of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides.

Spencer Mountain Mennonite Farms – This farm is one of the largest local producers in the area. Known for their wide variety of vegetables, this farm ensures that all of their vegetable selections are garden fresh!

Circle V Poultry – Circle V Poultry is where we buy our eggs, a huge ingredient in the preparation of any meal. This local poultry farm raises pasteurized chickens and ensures their eggs are collected and packaged fresh from the hen house.

These are just a few of the local farmers we support. It is through our strong ties and support of our farming community that we can truly keep our menu and ingredients farm fresh. Even if you stop by for our quick lunch buffet, you are still guaranteed farm fresh quality in every bite. Dine with us, and support local farmers!