With our Tennessee afternoons clearing 80 degrees in temperature, many find themselves drawn to refreshing water sources. Whether you are a boat owner, parents attempting to entertain your children, or just a lover of the water - being in close proximity to a lake is always a grand idea.

For many located between Knoxville and Maryville, TN – that water source is most commonly Fort Loudon Lake. Just a few miles from us is Concord Marina, the hub of most lake-goers and boats in the area. Although we are not accessible by water, we are only a few miles from the marina. Our cold local beer selections, in addition to our well-priced lunch buffet, are just a few of the reasons why Northshore Brasserie should be your dining venue of choice either before or after a long day on the lake.

Have the kids with you?  Our relaxed yet upscale dining atmosphere is kid approved! Want to keep enjoying the sun? Our outdoor patio is the perfect place to enjoy some French and Belgian entrees while still enjoying the good weather!

Wanting to join us on a weekday? We have great specials that are sure to get you in the door! Mondays offers ½ price on select beers, Tuesdays is ½ priced on select wines, and Wednesdays is $1 oysters!

No matter if you are enjoying a weekend out on the lake with friends and family or a weekday where you have to wine and dine a client, we here at the Northshore Brasserie are sure to have just the entrée and environment for you!