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Fine Dining Near the Knoxville Airport

If you are visiting Knoxville, TN for either business or pleasure and find yourself staying near McGhee Tyson Airport, you may notice that it seems like your only dining options are an endless row of fast food joints.  While these are what immediately surround our airport, if you're willing to drive just a few minutes further, there are far better choices to be made.

We would like to invite you to come try the Northshore Brasserie, one of Knoxville's best restaurants and only a ten minute drive from McGhee Tyson airport.  That's not a trick where we say ten minutes and it's really twenty-five.  It's really only ten minutes.  We're very close, and we would love to have you come try one of our famous burgers, hand cut steaks (served with frites of course), our incredible lunch buffet, or any of our other homemade French Belgian cuisine.

Our atmosphere is comfortable and relaxed, yet elegant and refined. We aim to create an unpretentious, vibrant atmosphere and you'll find folks from all walks of life gathered on any given evening in the Brasserie.

So come eat with us. We're really only 10 minutes away, and we would love to see you. 

For driving directions, please click here.