Although we are known for our upscale cuisine and fine dining, we also pride ourselves on making mundane weekdays have a splash – a splash of flavor that is!

When most people think of “Fish Friday” they think about their neighbor’s occasional crawfish boil or their hometown restaurant’s fried catfish special. On the contrary, our chefs take great culinary pride in our featured fish selections that takes Fish Friday to a five-star level.

Our Fish Friday’s are perfect for those looking for a Knoxville upscale dining establishment or simply grabbing a delicious bite before heading to Tyson Mcghee Airport (located only nine miles away). Our chefs pride themselves on using fresh and local ingredients to prepare an always-changing Friday Fish Feature.

In the past, we have had entrees such as lobster, whole snapper, swordfish, black bass, scallops and bass. As for the details of these tasty fish selections, that all just depends on what culinary genius our chefs create that week!

If you don’t prefer our Fish Friday selection, we also have a great lunch buffet that merges upscale dining with the efficiency of a 30 minute in-and-out lunch option. Our all you can eat lunch buffet is only $9.99 (including a beverage) and a featured seafood option.  If neither of these options tickle your fancy, our French and Belgian food selections are sure to capture your eye!