Spring is always a season commonly associated with new growth and a fresh start. Here at Northshore Brasserie – we too are embracing the season! Our menu is always changing and evolving, but Spring has an ingredient unlike any other – fresh local produce!

With our local suppliers getting back into full gear, fresh produce fills our kitchen – and your spring cravings! Our chefs take this fresh produce supply as a time to try new combinations, explore new flavors and get creative with their culinary creations; thus, the Spring Menu is born!

It’s still a little early in the season for us to release what our chefs have in mind, but if you make sure to stop by and join us for lunch – you are sure to get a hint of what new fresh ingredients have sparked our culinary team’s interest!

In addition to fresh local produce and a new spring flavor in our menu – we also are preparing for our infamous Mother’s Day Brunch! It’s time to show that nurturing woman in your life just how much they mean to you. And as many in the South would say – “the way to a woman’s heart is her stomach!” If this serves to be true, we highly recommend you bring your loved ones to join us for our Mother’s Day Brunch. Their hearts, and stomach, are sure to be full! 

Join us as we spring into a new season. Whether you are looking for fine dining at Northshore, have a craving for French or Belgian food, or simply want to grab brunch with clients in an upscale dining venue– Northshore Brasserie is sure to meet all your needs!